Immersive Reality..what is it?

What is Immersive Reality

An Immersive Reality space is a special place where anything can be accomplished – learning, simulation, relaxation, infact almost anything.

It’s a space where the user is surrounded by high quality projection. With the addition of light, sound, aroma, wind, vibration, fog and even snow we create a rich, exciting environment in which to encounter new enthralling experiences.

It utilises HD quality projectors to project onto multiple walls and the floor to produce a stunning visual experience.

The user can control all aspects within the space in a variety of ways including touch and movement control, gesture control, wireless Xbox controller and the incredible Xbox Adaptive Controller created by Microsoft. The touch and movement control allows intuitive interaction often without any prompting required, the Xbox wireless controller brings a familiarity to a huge range of users and the Xbox Adaptive Controller allows those with limited movement or dexterity the opportunity to control the space.

We use all these enabling switches and more to ensure the space is available to all regardless of age or ability.

And it’s very easy for staff to use, infact its just a single button press using a tablet to select scenes.

But what really makes our Immersive Reality space really special is the astonishing content that we have created! Check out some of our videos here.

If you deserve an Immersive Reality space email or click here.