Content is King

We create fresh and original content never previously seen in Immersive Spaces.

Our impressive content puts the user firmly in control and allows them to experience, learn and explore, in a spectacular all-encompassing space.
Every Immersive Reality environment comes packed with specialised content created specifically for your particular use including Education (primary and secondary), Special Needs, and Dementia Care. Bespoke simulation content is made to order.

We use stunning 360 video and images, high resolution images, game quality interaction and computer generated virtual reality scenes to produce content that inspires, educates, calms and excites people of all ages.

Utilising the latest CGI we create dynamic, interactive scenes that are as close to the real thing as possible! The use of this technology creates exceptional content that extends user engagement and gives an unsurpassed experience. Take a trip through the galaxy to learn about the solar system, swim underwater and interact with fish, walk through a meadow and play with the butterflies, board an underground train and learn how to navigate through tunnels and up an escalator, we have content to suit.

Our programme of continuous development ensures our content is constantly evolving  to produce awe inspiring immersive experiences for all.

To see some of our unique content see our videos here or contact us to arrange a demonstration here.