Stunning Content

Engaging and enthralling content

“Content is king” Bill Gates

Developing a cutting edge platform and integrating the latest hardware is nothing without stunning content. At Immersive Reality we design and create digital environments as well as providing 360 video and images.

Digital Environments

We have an in house design and development team and by utilising the latest CGI we create moving, interactive scenes that are as close to the real thing as possible. The use of this technology creates exceptional content that extends user engagement and gives an unsurpassed user experience. From the micro to the macro, arctic to savannah we can take users on a fantastic interactive  journey. See link [ ]

We can create controlled environments for simulation and training with the added benefits of interaction with the environment, ideal for the “what if” scenario.

360 Video

Working with our partners we create stunning 360 video and images that transport users around the world and give access to amazing experiences, click here for video.

Our platform allows us to combine CGI and video in a collaborative way that enhances the user experience.